Resident Jeff Ankenny-Fall 2009 - First visit to Grand Boulage

1st day of clinic work started as everyone was sitting at breakfast and planning to get an introduction to the mores of our makeshift clinic. Suddenly a voice blared over a hand-held loudspeaker from outside, crying "Le bebe! Le bebe!"  Even I knew what that meant.

The mother was settled onto an uncomfortable wooden table with stirrups drilled into the sides. Indications were that the baby would be stressed.  We were fortunate to have a pediatric ER doctor down from Miami, but were short on needed supplies. I could have done without the mosquitoes and flies buzzing around the open window behind me….but overall, I could not have been happier, hovering around my new patient, waiting for new life in Haiti. (and relishing that I could wear flip flops in the 'delivery room.')