Personal Reflections from Volunteers



-Dan Baxter - "These people that can make so much of a life that they were given so little in, makes a man question how he has conducted his life through the years."

-Devin Sawyer, MD - "The people of Haiti had given me hope. They had renewed me. I simultaneously felt
relieved to be going home but sad that the trip had ended."

- Sara Moore - "Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, which limits people's access to health care. I couldn't help but think how lucky I was to grow up with easy and affordable access to health care, which I always thought of as a right, not a privilege."

- Leslie Vogel - "Friends of Haiti is changing lives through its mission."

-Jeff Ankenny - "I could not have been happier, hovering around my new patient, waiting for new life in Haiti"

-Pattie Runge- "Haiti will never be out of my heart or head, and I will be going back someday." - Spring 2012

- Maggie Radl- "I was instantly overwhelmed by the difference we can make"

- Dr. Reus- "It is amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit" - 2013 Surgery mission

- Dr. Samantha Ritchie - "The group of volunteers had real cohesion this year. We felt a strange combination of "This is fun" and "I am doing some good" to "This is terrible" and "I know nothing."

-Allison Carter- "Our family that delivered with us last year came by the clinic for a visit before we left..another healthy, beautiful baby. Grace to God. Thank you FOH for letting us Montana folks partner with you. You are all fantastic to work with." -Montelais, March 2015