Harvesting Rain Water

New style water cistern

In 2013, Friends of Haiti experimented with new design for our water cisterns. In an effort to save money we decided to try building a cylindrical wire mesh cistern. Previous cisterns were built with stone and concrete. The new design requires no stone, cutting down on labor. First, a wire mesh of thin rebar is errected and then layers of concrete are applied in both directions. A finishing slurry then seals the inside. Roof panels were formed by carving molds into the ground. Although this worked, it turned out to be a very crude process and for furture builds a plywood cast will be made for the roof panels.  Photos of the construction can be seen in the photo gallery.

The cistern was built in Noyeau to harvest the rain water from the roof of the clinic there. We are happy to report the project proved to be very successful. Every year, during the rainy season, it collects thousands of gallons of water.

Retention Pond

In 2014, the development team returned to try another experimental project. A water retetion pond. The idea is to collect the rain water the flows into a gulley of the mountain side by creating a rock wall dam. The project is still under development as we look into better ways to line the pond. The water slowly permeates through the clay liner and does not hold water long enough to be effective.