Water Projects

There are very few sources of clean water in the four sections of Thomazeau, especially in the mountains. Our medical teams reported they repeatedly were treating patients for the same water borne illnesses caused from drinking non-purified water. As an organization we knew if we were to be successful in improving the overall health of the people they needed safe water.

A great deal of research went into determining how to collect water, store it and then purify it. We worked with other organizations such as Clean Water for the World and Gift of Water to find the best known methods.

Water Filters

It was determined the best filter to be used in the mountain area was the Sawyer Water Filter. This process consists of a 5 gallon bucket with a hose that has a mesh filter enclosed. People must remember to save enough purified water in order to back flush the filter periodically. No chlorine tabs are needed but may be used. This saves the people a bit of money and the problem of getting the tabs.

A pilot program was started and Blocoss and then 50 families were selected. Those families selected signed a contract agreeing to keep the filter in working order and pay a small rental fee amounting to about a penny a day. The money collected goes into an account to be used to pay the water inspector, purchase parts for broken filters and save money to purchase more filters. There is a water committee and there is also ongoing monitoring to evaluate the program. The medical teams have reported a great improvement in the overall health of the people using a water purification system.

The neighboring village of Noyau will be the next location for additional 50 filters to be placed in homes. It costs about $75.00 per unit and more donations are needed to reach the goal of 50.

Water Cisternscistern8.jpg

Since there are very few streams or springs in the mountain areas efforts are focused on rain water harvesting. The approach consisted of collecting water from roofs in sound gutters, repairing existing cisterns in need and constructing new cisterns where needed. Only dwellings that were strong enough to support rain gutters were selected for individual families. Churches and schools were also selected to collect water for the communities. Time and resources will continue to be devoted to repairing cisterns and rain gutters as well as building new ones.

Having these cisterns filled with water has helped cut down on the number of hours needed for people to walk miles each day, up and down mountain sides to collect water from a small stream.

UV Water Filtration

We continue to work with Clean Water for the World. That process includes having a well dug by the villagers. We provide a pump and CWFW provides the ultra violet light for water purification. A cement structure is built around the system to protect it from damage as well as to hold a large "tuff tank" for water storage. Water is then distributed periodically throughout the day to the people of the village. The cost to build these structures continues to increase since the cost of the material is on the rise and the filters are needed in areas that are difficult to reach. The cost is approximately $1500.00 for each system. CWFW continues to supply units and repairs.