Who is Friends of Haiti?

"It is amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit" quoted Dr. Reus after his first surgery trip.

There are no 'official' members of FoH.  Anyone who gives of their Time, Talent and Treasure to help continue the life saving and life giving work in the Four Sections of Thomazeau is a friend.  There are hundreds of people across the United States who do just that.

Here are some examples of how they help:

Time: It can involve taking garbage home after a pill packing session, to taking in a child from Haiti who comes  to the states for surgery to doctor that provides the surgery to the medical and support personnel who sweat their way through grueling days providing care on a mission.  It may be the network of those who do the everyday business of keeping an organization operating.  FoH might be considered a cottage industry.  So much goes on in people's homes from pill packing to record keeping to trip planning to bill paying to med ordering etc.

Talent: Volunteers' talent can range from the patience to count and package pills, to finding resources,  generating support,  giving talks, to doing complicated dental, eye and general medical  procedures in Haiti.  On the development side it ranges from teaching the process of composting to harvesting water to implementing clean water sources.  Education team studies the state of schools and plans the best use of limited funds to improve them.

Treasure: (Financial Support) So much treasure is shared from people of all walks of life and abilities to give. There are people who give monthly or annually without reminders and those who pitch in extra when a special project needs funding.  Churches and organizations in many places plead the cause and help support the work.  Team members pay their own trip expenses as well as give a per diem to help cover costs of the missions.  Some members raise funds from family and friends to help defray expenses.  An intrepid board member gave up the beard he sported for years in return for his family raising funds at Christmas. Families donate in lieu of giving gifts to each other. Memorials are a favorite way to remember people. Others find amazingly creative ways to help.


FoH has no paid help other than our "in country coordinator" in Haiti.  97% of all funds raised goes directly toward the work done in Haiti as well as needed supplies.  Donors know that their funds will be used wisely.  Finances are tight but somehow expenses are met.


Friends of Haiti continues to make ripples.  If you can help, we can promise you that your ripples will grow too.  With thanks for what has been done in the last 14 years, and with hope and trust in the future, we are all:  Friends of Haiti