Board of Directors

Father Larry Canavera

Dan Baxter

Dave Thompson
Vice Chair

Jim Fitzpatrick 

Michele Feivor


Dr. Jack Hale

Kathie Demuth

Jim Resick

Jan Dooley

Mary Albrecht

Sr. Marla Clerex

Leo Welter

Past Chairpersons:

Don Jauquet


Additional Positions:

Organizational Committee Chairperson - Joan Hogan

Medical Committee Chairperson - Dr. Jack Hale

Education Committee Co-Chairpersons - Jan Dooley and Fr. Larry Canavera

Development Committee Chairperson- Jim Resick

Financial Committee Chairperson - Jim Fitzpatrick

Shipping Coordinator- Don Jauquet

Travel Coordinator - Jackie Kucera

Recording Secretary - Michele Feivor